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SAGES Group Holding is originated from leading business and academic presence of its founders with twenty three business companies and a university in Asia and two business companies in Europe since 1995. To extend its fruitful impact on knowledge-based economy internationally for global prosperity this holding company established its headquarter in 2016 in the Netherlands, the co-founder of G-10, OECD and WTO and the top three country in the Global Enabling Trade Report.
Functionally, SAGES Group Holding has based its activities on affiliated two commercial companies and one scientific foundation, as follows:
       1. SAGES Business
       2. SAGES Trust Consulting
       3. SAGES International University
Considering the past successes of the founders of SAGES Group Holding in energy, agrifood, automobile, smart systems, tourism, and education industries, the activities of this holding are the following fields.
1. Investment, production, marketing, importing and exporting products and offering the required services in:
        a. Heavy industries including power plant, railway, and steel
        b. Oil, gas and petrochemicals such as bitumen, P.E., P.P., etc.
        c. Green energy for protection of living environment
        d. Smart systems
2. Consulting services for engineering, trade and knowledge-based companies
3. International university with graduate degree and non-degree programs andworkshops as well as incubationand showcases for start-ups


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Investment & Enterprise Department

Sages Holding


Commercial & Trading Department

Sages Holding


Engineering, Manufacturing and Specialized Education

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General Services

Transportation of domestic & Insurance Services

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Sages Group offers international Consult

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Focus on Education and University


Sages Group

Sages Holdein Investment Activity

Activities of investment department are as follows:

• To purchase and sale the companies’ shares in Stock Exchange
• To invest in non-stock companies and to restructure the companies
• To finance industrial projects and investee companies

Objectives of investment department that will be pursued through the above activities and using modern financial methods and tools, are as follows:

• To increase stock portfolio volume of investment department
• To attend in investment market and to promote share value
• To promote investment composition continuously and to optimize portfolio
• To enter into modern areas of investment with more ROR


Sages Group

Sages Holdein Commercial Activity

SAGES Group is active in with the following objectives:


• Samrt Systems, building management systems
• New Energies, Clean Energies and renewable energies
• Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries
• Food industries
• High Tech knowledge

Sages Group

High Tech / Food industries / New Energies / Samrt Systems

During more than two decades of successful and continues activity, commercial department of Group has succeeded upon precise recognition of market and obtaining agency from domestic and foreign manufacturers to answer the state industries requirements in the field of supplying the required equipment and spare parts.

Sages Group

Sages Holdein Commercial Activity

Some activities of the above department are as follows:

• Supplying Gas Generator, Diesel and Its Spare Parts

Gas generator and diesel in addition to its spare parts are supplied by this company, being very flexible in providing various types of brands of engine and generator.

• Incineration Plant and Medical Waste Incinerator

Supplying different types of incineration plant and medical waste incinerators under reputable brands of west Europe

• Spare Parts required in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Power Plant, Rail and Steel Industries, …..

Supplying different types of rotating equipment and its spare parts for example:
Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, Pump, Compressor
Supplying different types of fixed equipment and its spare parts like:
Valve, Expansion Joint, Flexible Hose, Gasket, Packing Pipe, Tube, Coil, Fitting, Sheet, Plate, Industrial Filter, Measurement System, …

Supplying Equipment for Substation,power transmission Lines etc.

Supplying equipment and spare parts required for substations, power transmission lines, etc., like various types of transformers, cable, etc.

• Energy Stock and Electricity Retailing

electricity is purchased and sold in electricity market and energy stock continuously.

Engineering, Manufacturing and Specialized Education Department

Sages Group

Engineering, Manufacturing and Specialized Education Activity

Engineering Services

• Equipment Status Monitor

In addition to treat skillful engineers, laboratory and executive possibilities in connection with monitoring status of oil, gas, petrochemical and power plant industry equipment, Group has an official and exclusive department for it.

• Management of Establishment of Small and Large Scale Power Plants Project

Consultation, preparation and drawing up feasible study plan, obtaining all licenses required for establishment of Small and Large Scale Power Plant, management of establishment of Small and Large Scale Power Plant Project.

• Data Processing

Preparation, supply, and protection of comprehensive specialized software for electricity, gas, water, and wastewater subscribers in addition to financial and administrative comprehensive systems

• Contracting and Execution

Designing, establishment, installation, commissioning, operation and also repair and maintenance, precautionary services, emergency and reconstruction operation of small and large scale thermal power plant, different types of substations, power transmission lines, distribution networks and different electrical and mechanical installations of heavy industries and …


Holding training courses of science and technology and technical-professional courses at technician level, refresher and education-aid courses, in-service training for ministry of energy personnel and private scientific education and also admission of students at bachelor’s degree level through nation-wide university admission exam.


• Manufacturing different kinds of Expansion Joint required for oil, gas, petrochemical, power plant and cement industries
• Manufacturing, optimization, and repair of different types of electronic boards
• Reverse engineering and manufacturing of mechanical parts of heavy industries

General Services Department

Sages Group

General services department

General services department of Group, enjoying specialized personnel, performs the following activities in this area:

• Transportation of domestic and foreign goods

• Insurance Services

• Customs and good discharge services

Consultant services

Sages Group

Consultant Services department

Consult Profile:

Sages Group offers international advice agencies specialized at doing business in the emerging markets of The middle East and Europe.
Sages Consult is an independantly operating company with at its disposal a large and competent business network. Side activities as chairman of great projectshave made Sages Group well known within business life and the government.
Sages Consult combines his expertise in various internationally oriented services combined to custom fit service. Wetherits about the creation of opportunities and openings for products at local targetgroups or setting up a business in the world, Sages Consult is your business partner

Sages Group focus is for bellows:

• To find business partners Cargo Inspection services
• Assistance with setting up new businesses
• To set up Joint venture for clients
• To find reliable agents
• Information and advice regarding import and export
• Advice & Guidance
• Investments
• Country information
• Clearing businesses
• To sign contract with public, private and NGO companies
• Setting up projects in various sectors like Agriculture, oil and gas, Tourism Industries
• custom services like EU customs duties, quality control
• Trade fairs
• Travel services
• Conventions in collaboration with busines life
• Trade missions
• To receive and advice work visiting business delegations from abroad
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Intl. Fair Trades
• To advice safetyand care issues
• To set up projects


Sages Group

UNIVERSITY department

SAGES GROUP focus on education and university with the following objectives:

• Economic Managemnt
• Tourism Managemnt
• Energy Managemnt
• Knowledge Managemnt
• Electronic Commerce
• Digital Marketing


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